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LINK-Caribbean provides investment facilitation grants to entrepreneurs, as well as non-funding activities to support the development of deal-flow for early-stage investment through the Caribbean Business Angel Network (CBAN).

CBAN provides the opportunity for you to get in front of investors and receive supplementary funding via the investment readiness (IR) and the co-investment (CI) grants.  The investment readiness grants to help address investment issues (ideally those identified by investors), and co-investment grants to facilitate investment once an investor is secured.

Watch the webinar and take a self assessment to see whether angel investment could be right for your business.


  • Is Early Stage Investing Right For Your Business?

    Taking angel or other forms of early-stage investment isn’t right for all businesses. For example some entrepreneurs or companies may not be willing to share ownership as well as the decision making responsibility with an active investment partner. It is therefore important for any business that is interested in pursuing angel or other forms of early-stage investment to first assess whether such investment is right for their business or not.

    Answering the following questions can prove useful to assist entrepreneurs and firms in making this assessment:

    • Are you willing to take on a business partner?
    • Are you willing to sell equity in your company and share control in exchange for funding and partnership?
    • Could your business use the knowledge and network of an experienced business person and/or investor?
    • Do you have an innovative high growth potential business that can scale into overseas markets (export potential)?
    • Could your business grow rapidly with additional cash investment?
    • Can you demonstrate that your business can generate significant returns for investors?
    • Does your company present an attractive opportunity for the investor to make a return on investment?

    Find out more about the grants available from LINK-Caribbean to raise capital from the Co-Investment & Investment Readiness grant sections below.

  • Investment Readiness Grants

    • Investment Readiness grants provide funding to start-up and early-stage enterprises that may not be quite ready for private investment.
    • Investment Readiness grants are for those companies that can demonstrate business promise and strong company management, but may need to improve certain aspects of their businesses before investors will consider investing.
    • Grant funding of up to USD$25,000 will be available for specific activities that can be executed within a short time frame (3-6 months) that improve the prospects for investment.
    • Investment Readiness grants will be provided to entrepreneurs on the basis of an assessment of the ability of the enterprise to hit key business milestones in the near-term that increase potential for investment.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Please download the IR Grant overview and eligibility criteria below.

    Download the LINK Caribbean IR Grant Eligibility Criteria here

    To get in front of investors and be considered for an investment readiness grant join the Caribbean Angel Investor Network (CBAN).*


    *No further investment readiness grants are being awarded.  However, please continue to join the CBAN to get in front of investors.

  • Co-Investment Grants

    • Co-investment grants offer supplementary funding to enterprises that are able to raise investment from business angels and other early-stage investors.
    • Co-investment grants  provide additional funding – beyond what investors are able to provide – to help early-stage enterprises develop and grow.
    • Co-Investment Grants are available to entrepreneurs that have secured private investment and will require a joint application by the entrepreneur and investor.
    • The grant will provide a match of up to 50% to a maximum of $100,000 USD of capital investment from angels or other eligible private investors.
    • The grant disbursement will occur only after the investor has transferred funds to the enterprise.
    • A minimum qualifying investment of USD $50,000 will be required by investors with a minimum grant award of USD $25,000.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Please download the CI Grant overview and eligibility criteria below.  If your company meets the criteria take a look at the ‘How to Guide’ before applying for a grant.

    Download the LINK Caribbean CI Grant Eligibility Criteria here

    Download the LINK CI Grant How To Guide View How-To Guide

    Apply here for a Co-Investment Grant