Is Early Stage Investing Right For Your Business?

Taking angel or other forms of early-stage investment isn’t right for all businesses. For example some entrepreneurs or companies may not be willing to share ownership as well as the decision making responsibility with an active investment partner. It is therefore important for any business that is interested in pursuing angel or other forms of early-stage investment to first assess whether such investment is right for their business or not.

Answering the following questions can prove useful to assist entrepreneurs and firms in making this assessment:

  • Are you willing to take on a business partner?
  • Are you willing to sell equity in your company and share control in exchange for funding and partnership?
  • Could your business use the knowledge and network of an experienced business person and/or investor?
  • Do you have an innovative high growth potential business that can scale into overseas markets (export potential)?
  • Could your business grow rapidly with additional cash investment?
  • Can you demonstrate that your business can generate significant returns for investors?
  • Does your company present an attractive opportunity for the investor to make a return on investment?

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